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Georgia-Florida Home Alarm Systems

When you make the decision to invest in a home security system, trust and dependability are of the highest priority. We are family owned and have more than 60 years of experience with burglar alarms and home security systems and installations. Your family’s safety is paramount to us!

As a trusted supplier of home alarm systems in Thomasville , we provide a full range of products and services to help secure your family, belongings, and home from fire, theft, and home intrusion.

Home Security Systems

Georgia Florida Burglar Alarms works with several of the leading alarm system providers in order to bring you the most advanced alarm systems available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a basic system, an upgrade, or a new wireless security system, we can help.

Your system can be completely customized, allowing you to decide how much protection you need. You’ll be able to identify any areas that require special protection, select the appropriate sensors for your home, and program the system to match the needs of your family and daily schedule.

It’s important to consider what kind of sensors and protection you will want. There several types that help defend the outer perimeter including door and window switches and glass-break sensors. These will alert you when a door or window is opened, or when glass has been broken.

For interior protection, there are motion and body heat sensors as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems have risen in popularity over the years and we have several to choose from. You can benefit from ease of installation and portability. Wireless security systems offer the same protection as standard systems.

24-Hour Monitoring

State-of-the-art, UL-listed, 24-Hour Monitoring is standard with each service. We offer the convenience of conventional landline, cellular, or network security system monitoring services to best suit the needs of every home or business.

Security System Takeovers

Are you building a house? Call us for a FREE consultation and quote on your home security system needs. If you are moving into a home with a pre-existing security system, we can inspect and monitor it for you as well.

MyAccess – Monitor your alarm from your phone or computer!

With MyAccess™, you will never have to wonder if you set the alarm before you left. Your answer is just a text-message away. MyAccess™ gives you the ability to control your home alarm systems in Thomasville via your cellphone or computer.