Equipment for Security Systems in Tallahassee

For people looking for a provider of security systems in Tallahassee, Georgia Florida Burglar Alarm offers a wide range of industry standard burglar alarm equipment to meet the needs of all of our customers.

Listed below is only a small sampling of some of the equipment we use. Do you have a question? Our technicians will be happy to assist you. Please call 1-800-874-6634.

Our Most Popular Wireless Alarm System

Did you set the alarm before you left? Ever wish you could turn it off to let a friend feed your pets? MyAccess is one of our most popular wireless alarm systems and it allows you to do just that. It features wireless monitoring of your home, with both mobile and email alert messaging.

Basic Installation

Georgia-Florida Burglar Alarm doesn’t offer a package deal. The reason is because over the years, we have found that our customers are unique and so their home or business. We will come to your home or business, listen to your needs and then offer a competitive package that you will be happy with. The service doesn’t stop there. If you ever need assistance, we are phone call away, and you get to talk to trained experts, not an out-sourced call center!

However, each installation includes the standard set of components listed below.

Professional Installation

A trained technician will install your custom alarm system. Once the system is installed, they will teach you how to properly use it and answer any questions you may have.

Digital Touchpad

Each security system installation will include at least one digital touchpad. The standard touchpad includes several features: an easy to read LCD display, the ability to bypass any point in the system such as when you want to leave the windows open but still have the system armed, a chime whenever one of the windows or doors are opened or closed, battery backup in case of a power outage.

The touchpad sends a signal to our 24-hour monitoring station where one of our professionally trained monitors will call you to assess the situation.

You can have more than one touchpad if you like. Some of our customers want one at each entry point in the house, while others also want one in their shop or garage.

Glass Break Sensors and Door Monitors

As experts in security systems in Tallahassee, we strongly advise our customers to get one glass break sensor per room on the first floor. Door monitors send a signal to the alarm system and an audible chime sounds whenever the door is opened or closed. The chime can be turned on or off to suit the customer.

Infrared Interior Motion Detector

With an infrared motion detector, any movement within the home will trigger the alarm, thus adding another level of protection and peace of mind.

High-decibel Siren

In case of intrusion or fire, the high-decibel alarm siren will warn you (and the neighbors) of a possible emergency situation.